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Mother Daughter Set, just in time for the COLD winter!

Rock the winter in style with your best girl! Winter weather brings some of the cutest, in my opinion, styles of the year! Enjoy the brisk air in this headband ear warmer, and get a matching beanie for your little girl! Customize in all sizes and for boys too!

Big Boy, E's half birthday

Still a Mom!

I haven't posted anything too motherly in a long time. When I post it's usually something from the health craze in which I'm caught. With Elijah turning 19 months in just one week, I wanted to remind us all of my main, and most adorable interest!   This kid is so much fun! His vocabulary… Continue reading Still a Mom!

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Journey to Chemical-free and Healthier Me!

Hello dear ones who still check this page! It's a new year and time for new goals! Towards the end of last year, you may remember I was beginning to rid our home of as many chemically produced, commercial items as possible for a more cost effective, self-sufficient, and healthier way of living. That journey… Continue reading Journey to Chemical-free and Healthier Me!