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Natural, Home Made, Deodorant

I'm negligent again! I'm starting up a new potential money-making venture, so that in addition to chasing my toddler and making healthy meals for the family, and all the cleaning involved with those missions, I've made little time for the blog! Any way, I want to share this EASY, AFFORDABLE, HEALTHY, deodorant recipe! I love… Continue reading Natural, Home Made, Deodorant

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The Natural Whey

I am SO excited to write this post! If you read these updates at all, you know I'm interested in all over health and wellness. I seek to make the best food and lifestyle choices for myself and family as I grow in information. A HUGE answer to my search I believe is found in… Continue reading The Natural Whey

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Journey to Chemical-free and Healthier Me!

Hello dear ones who still check this page! It's a new year and time for new goals! Towards the end of last year, you may remember I was beginning to rid our home of as many chemically produced, commercial items as possible for a more cost effective, self-sufficient, and healthier way of living. That journey… Continue reading Journey to Chemical-free and Healthier Me!

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Best Whole Wheat Bread!

I have had my ups and downs with bread making, mostly downs. Thanks to my good friend Sam, I finally have a recipe that makes delicious, beautiful bread every time! It's so easy and so quick compared to so many others!   7 1/2 cups whole wheat flour, Wheat Montana's Prairie Gold is the best… Continue reading Best Whole Wheat Bread!

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Glad to be Back!

Obviously I have struggled to find the time to enter any new posts. Even when I'm away from my blog, I'm always thinking of items I want to add. I hope you'll enjoy the addition of a new page that offers money and planet saving tips! Monday will mark two weeks since hubs and I… Continue reading Glad to be Back!

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Check out my newest addition!

I have promised more recipes. What I started today is a page to feature all my recipes as I incorporate them into my posts. Check it out! It's a work in progress, more recipes will be added to each category as I have time. Keep in mind, even if I don't say it every time,… Continue reading Check out my newest addition!

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Life Lately

Being a full-time stay at home mom (SAHM) has afforded more time to cook whole meals, especially now that I've adapted to Baby Boy's patterns. Here are some meals and snacks I've come up with lately: Cholate chip cookies: 2 1/4 C all-purpose flour (I use whole wheat) 1 tsp Baking soda 1/2 tsp Salt… Continue reading Life Lately