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Do You Keifer or Kombucha?

Are you chasing this tail wind of the Keifer and Kombucha kraze? Do you wonder if you're getting the real thing at the store? Are you ingesting every bit of literature you can on the subject and becoming a fermenting prodigy in your own right? Some of the above? Are you done with the intro… Continue reading Do You Keifer or Kombucha?

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Weekly Meals and Snacks

If you read what I'm doing nutritionally and for the blog lately, hopefully you've been anticipating some yummy food ideas. Let's start with breakfast! We eat free range eggs from a local farmer constantly! He charges us $2.5o/dozen and I usually get 3 doz. a week. Here you see scrambled eggs with my home made… Continue reading Weekly Meals and Snacks


New Series!

FINALLY! I know what topic(s) it is that I know the most about and am most passionate about and means the most to me and my family, and hopefully you will find it helpful and enjoyable too. Healthy, really healthy, eating on a BUDGET, a very tight budget! I'm starting this new series today with… Continue reading New Series!