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Weekly Meals and Snacks

If you read what I'm doing nutritionally and for the blog lately, hopefully you've been anticipating some yummy food ideas. Let's start with breakfast! We eat free range eggs from a local farmer constantly! He charges us $2.5o/dozen and I usually get 3 doz. a week. Here you see scrambled eggs with my home made… Continue reading Weekly Meals and Snacks


New Series!

FINALLY! I know what topic(s) it is that I know the most about and am most passionate about and means the most to me and my family, and hopefully you will find it helpful and enjoyable too. Healthy, really healthy, eating on a BUDGET, a very tight budget! I'm starting this new series today with… Continue reading New Series!

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Recently Hubs became interested in joining a gym. I've thought about it too. Who hasn't? While we were talking about all the great features of this new location, I asked him why he was suddenly interested. He responded with "I have all this energy when I get off work, I might as well do something… Continue reading Physical

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Hump Day Already?

These weeks just fly by. For most, this day is already over and you're on to the day that most people just wish didn't exist because it stands between you and the last day of the work week and the ultimate, and shortest part of the week, the WEEKEND!!!!!!!! In looking forward to another weekend,… Continue reading Hump Day Already?