New Year

Happy Day!

Today I had such a happy, exciting moment. Some people geek out over, I don't know... Taylor Swift? Or someone else famous. Today I met a delightful lady I totally consider a celebrity. You've seen me link recipe after recipe of hers, household tips, etc. right here in these posts. I had some doubts about… Continue reading Happy Day!



I have ONE HUNDRED followers! (71 of you on Facebook, so maybe there is some overlap, but I don't care!) I don't know how this happened, but THANK YOU to each and every one of you wonderful people who read my ramblings. It's time for a giveaway to celebrate! To win, you have to give… Continue reading 100

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Don’t Miss This… GIVEAWAY!!!

Can this be? I'm turning 26... TOMORROW! In honor of my birthday, I will be MIA for a few days, but you can still have fun at the DS Shop and blog! Check out my Latest Designs and pick a few you would like to have for yourself or someone in your life. Comment on this… Continue reading Don’t Miss This… GIVEAWAY!!!