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Casualties of Motherhood

Decorating, wrapping, unwrapping, eating, and traveling! Oh fun it is to celebrate holidays with family and friends. One small anecdote from our recent, and first time traveling as a family for the holidays: On our way back from seeing my relatives, we stopped for a friends wedding, in which I had the pleasure of being… Continue reading Casualties of Motherhood

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Weekend Wedding and Roadtrip

Remember the last post when I shared my dress update? Here is how it turned out.   Yep, my hair is wet. You know how it is getting yourself and baby ready minutes before you have to run out the door! Last minute family photo shoot before we dash off to witness the beginning of… Continue reading Weekend Wedding and Roadtrip

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DIY Formal Wear

Remember when I promised to start doing some posts differently? More DIY was listed, so here we are. Though I should have taken step-by-step pix, once you're knee deep in the work it's hard to stop and snap away! I bought this dress at a consignment boutique 4 years ago. I've worn it to a… Continue reading DIY Formal Wear

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Working Weekend

Are you one of those people with an endless mental to-do list? Do you mentally kick yourself at the end of the day for only getting 1 or 2, maybe even just half of one task checked off the list? I do those aforementioned things, but right now, at the end of a 3 day… Continue reading Working Weekend

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One of those weeks, the good and the challenging!

Monday was crazy, errand running began at 8:30am, but we made it home in time to salvage one of little man's naps. A day running around, as many moms know, sets you back with how things are run at home. We're working through transitioning baby (closer to little boy now a days it seems) back… Continue reading One of those weeks, the good and the challenging!

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I may be over 1/4 of a century old, but I still know how to have fun!

So where was I for the last few days and how was my birthday and first mother's day with baby on the outside, you ask? AWESOME!!! Hubs burst in after work on Tuesday and said he had a surprise! He took the next 3 days off work for a 5 day weekend and he was… Continue reading I may be over 1/4 of a century old, but I still know how to have fun!

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Homemade Cinnamon Rolls! Perfect for a brunch!

  Everyone once in a while I get a craving for a sweet, it's so much better when you can make your own sweets! Hubs has ALWAYS loved cinnamon rolls, the refrigerated canned dough variety. I just knew they could be better from my own kitchen. Of course, I can only bake while E rides… Continue reading Homemade Cinnamon Rolls! Perfect for a brunch!