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August Already? Really??

WOW! So I am 31 weeks pregnant, this kid could come in 7-11 weeks. WHOA! It's getting exciting 🙂 This weekend hubs and I had a chance to hit some consignment stores where we found some cute baby room accents and a little fleece camo outfit! I LOVE how baby's room is looking! I'll have… Continue reading August Already? Really??

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A little bit of Random

We all need some random sometimes, right? This is mostly a picture post, not in any specific order 🙂 More yummy variations with couscous. Farm fresh cherry toms and zucchini, farm fresh beef, and goat cheese! I was SO FULL after all these delicious ingredients and flavors entered my body 🙂 So hubs really fell… Continue reading A little bit of Random

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Girly Weekend Fun!!!

This weekend was busy, but lost of fun! Its totally obvious I should have daughters at some point! I loved hanging out with my girls, celebrating the coming marriage of a dear friend, and still getting in some fun times with my boo! The party started with the hostess, youngest sister of the bachelorette, and last… Continue reading Girly Weekend Fun!!!

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Midweek Update

Even though hubby worked crazy overtime this weekend, when he got home around 11:30 Saturday morning, he still made a point to make it a great time for us! He said it was "Miranda Appreciation Day," but he actually does those semi-regularly, so I decided to change it and make it "Team Diranda" appreciation day!… Continue reading Midweek Update

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Overdue Update

Life gets so busy! Every new post idea I come up with keeps getting pushed back further, then when the time comes so much has built up because so much time has passed!Lets just dive in! We'll work backwards.I'm pretty much 25 weeks pregnant. Last night I took a walk with a friend and realized… Continue reading Overdue Update

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Baby Boy Joy!

Now that we're so close to the halfway point, making our home ready for our son has become more of focus. David has been in the "nesting phase" for weeks! He's so ready to get everything we need for our son RIGHT NOW! Its precious! I'm slower to get there. I take my time planning… Continue reading Baby Boy Joy!