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27 Candles

... I won't really have 27 candles because I don't really like cake. But it's a title that tells you something about me and this post. I have about 17 hours left of 26. Tomorrow at 1pm I will officially be 27. For my birthday this year, Husband asked if I could have "anything in… Continue reading 27 Candles

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Growing up can be fun… but hard on mum!

    Over the weekend baby and I got sick, boo! Now we're getting back on track and I'm starting out a little behind my own deadline. Oh well, right? Let's dive right in!   He has two front teeth!!! My big boy 🙂 Can you see them poking up from the bottom gum? They're… Continue reading Growing up can be fun… but hard on mum!

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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I know I've not updated for quite a few days. My bad. I could give a lengthy explanation, but that just sounds like excuses in my head, so I'll just leave it for now.Who won my last giveaway you ask?? From my Facebook Page likes, JamesApril Daughtery and Carol Castro!!!!CONGRATS to you all! Please contact… Continue reading Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

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One of those weeks, the good and the challenging!

Monday was crazy, errand running began at 8:30am, but we made it home in time to salvage one of little man's naps. A day running around, as many moms know, sets you back with how things are run at home. We're working through transitioning baby (closer to little boy now a days it seems) back… Continue reading One of those weeks, the good and the challenging!

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Baby-Wearin’ Mama’s!

Yesterday was awesome for E and me! We got together with a couple young, first time moms at the park. Our boys are stair steps, 9mo., 6mo., and 3mo. If you're a mom of a young baby, you know how good it can be to get out of the house for fresh air, especially with… Continue reading Baby-Wearin’ Mama’s!

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How the little man grows!

E is 6 months and two days old!!   Had his well visit today. Weighing in at 15 lbs 26 1/2" long Above average in height, below in weight... just like his Mama Current Activities Hanging onto the edge of coffee table with minimal support Actively going from back to belly, belly to back from… Continue reading How the little man grows!

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Park Day – E at 5 months!!!

  If it doesn't show, we had a great time at the park this weekend! Our little guy is looking and feeling so big so fast to us and to him! You can just tell he is loving his new skills and feeling full of life! To date: Wears an odd combination of sizes (at… Continue reading Park Day – E at 5 months!!!