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Wordless Wednesday

Introducing our 34 Week Maternity Photo Shoot! Photos by our good friend Marissa Mayo linking with: http://lifeasweknowitbypaula.blogspot.com/2012/09/wordless-wednesday-blog-party-with-linky_11.htmlhttp://www.5minutesformom.com/62946/wordless-wednesday-back-to-school/http://www.projectalicia.com/http://sarahhalstead.com/giveaways/finley-sneak-peek-a-giveaway-ww-57/

maternity photos, what I wore

Pregnancy Lately

**Last prenatal appointment. What I wore: maternity tank/motherhood; maternity dress-shorts/motherhood; watch/gifted-hubbyUGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, its true. Hate to say it, but its true. I really want to stay positive, and for a few weeks there after the yucky stuff with 1st trimester passed, I was. There was a time in the first few weeks of pregnancy, after… Continue reading Pregnancy Lately

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Bump Watch — 11 Weeks

I'm actually starting my 12th week, but I didn't want to do the bump post with the zoo post. So here goes... 11 weeks and baby is the size of a lime! At 1.5 to 2 inches, "baby bear" is fully featured from eyes now protected by eyelids, fingers and toes - no webbing! Fully functioning… Continue reading Bump Watch — 11 Weeks