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New Direction, Answering My Call

I reached a milestone in May. Leading up to the beginning of my new decade, there were many things I had to think about, all of us go through those periods of reflection and reevaluation. Through intense prayer and others praying on my behalf, I believe God answered me with the call to do more… Continue reading New Direction, Answering My Call

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One BIG Day!

It's hard to believe this day is finally here. But more on that in a minute. Over the weekend Elijah hit 39 weeks. He has lived outside of the womb as long as he lived inside the womb. Amazing how time flies! Here is a look at then and now! Since we already did the… Continue reading One BIG Day!

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Growing up can be fun… but hard on mum!

    Over the weekend baby and I got sick, boo! Now we're getting back on track and I'm starting out a little behind my own deadline. Oh well, right? Let's dive right in!   He has two front teeth!!! My big boy 🙂 Can you see them poking up from the bottom gum? They're… Continue reading Growing up can be fun… but hard on mum!

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The number of posts published since beginning my blog. Since my one year anniversary post, I am up to 54 followers! 7 our from word press, 47 are from Facebook. We're growing. In thinking about where we are with this blog and where we want to go, I realize most posts are pretty much just… Continue reading 100

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One year ago on this date…

Today marks the anniversary of me getting up the courage to take a pregnancy test in my bathroom (<see first post ever!). Hub's and I had speculated we had conceived, but I don't think either one of us took our suspicions seriously as we were not officially going to "try" until spring. I'm so thankful the… Continue reading One year ago on this date…

Major milestone


I had another post planned for today, then Elijah changed everything (his specialty!!)!! We were already having a wonderful day. We got to go to a friend's house for yoga, then since the weather is so amazing, we went for a walk/jog in a very nice neighborhood. When we got home, the best thing happened… Continue reading Milestone!!