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27 Candles

... I won't really have 27 candles because I don't really like cake. But it's a title that tells you something about me and this post. I have about 17 hours left of 26. Tomorrow at 1pm I will officially be 27. For my birthday this year, Husband asked if I could have "anything in… Continue reading 27 Candles

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Don’t Miss This… GIVEAWAY!!!

Can this be? I'm turning 26... TOMORROW! In honor of my birthday, I will be MIA for a few days, but you can still have fun at the DS Shop and blog! Check out my Latest Designs and pick a few you would like to have for yourself or someone in your life. Comment on this… Continue reading Don’t Miss This… GIVEAWAY!!!

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Since my last posts: I've turned 25 (WOW!), I've retired two more items of clothing (a dress and skirt I thought I would never grow into I've now grown past!) I'm going to let the pictures show how WONDERFUL my husband is and how awesome my birthday was thanks to him!!! he slaves who worked… Continue reading Picture-Heavy