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One BIG Day!

It's hard to believe this day is finally here. But more on that in a minute. Over the weekend Elijah hit 39 weeks. He has lived outside of the womb as long as he lived inside the womb. Amazing how time flies! Here is a look at then and now! Since we already did the… Continue reading One BIG Day!

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Baby’s First Easter

Could two weeks really already have passed since our trip north-east for E to meet relations and have a family Easter dinner? Guess so! Picture Roll: Family can fill your heart and bring such sweet memories to surface. Lessons from traveling with baby: We took more than we needed from clothes to gear Babies can… Continue reading Baby’s First Easter

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How the little man grows!

E is 6 months and two days old!!   Had his well visit today. Weighing in at 15 lbs 26 1/2" long Above average in height, below in weight... just like his Mama Current Activities Hanging onto the edge of coffee table with minimal support Actively going from back to belly, belly to back from… Continue reading How the little man grows!

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Park Day – E at 5 months!!!

  If it doesn't show, we had a great time at the park this weekend! Our little guy is looking and feeling so big so fast to us and to him! You can just tell he is loving his new skills and feeling full of life! To date: Wears an odd combination of sizes (at… Continue reading Park Day – E at 5 months!!!