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One BIG Day!

It's hard to believe this day is finally here. But more on that in a minute. Over the weekend Elijah hit 39 weeks. He has lived outside of the womb as long as he lived inside the womb. Amazing how time flies! Here is a look at then and now! Since we already did the… Continue reading One BIG Day!

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My E is 4 months old!

I don't know about anyone following our updates, but I sure cannot believe we've reached 4 months since Elijah came into this world. Some of his cuteness lately: First day I got him to sit up while I got my coat on to head out the door! I COULD NOT believe the face he made… Continue reading My E is 4 months old!

Baby week by week, Elijah at 16 weeks

E at 16 weeks!

My boy has grown so much! Stats: 15lbs. 23 1/2 inches! He has more than doubled his birth weight. Activities: Still using the bathroom sink as his potty Part-time cloth diapering Playing in his baby gym Rolling back and forth while on his back Pulling self up to sitting and standing while holding parents' fingers… Continue reading E at 16 weeks!

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3 Months and Thriving!

My sweet Elijah reached the 3month marker this past Sunday. Owning the camera:     This is his male model pose 😉 Sweet baby, exhausted from a day of being cute! Current baby stats: Wearing up to 9 month-sized clothes Excellent neck strength/head control Stands by pulling up on Mama and Papa's fingers Squeals in… Continue reading 3 Months and Thriving!

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6 Weeks!

My son is 6 weeks old! Time for a picture and life update: Thursday Baby and I got out to see some work friends. What we wore:Baby - gifted plaid button down, long-sleeve onesie, brown cords, and argyle socksMom (i had to re-read the word "mom" and thought 'wait, when was my mom here?' oh...)/kohls, leggings/ don't… Continue reading 6 Weeks!

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1 MONTH today!

Elijah seems to grow and change every time I look at him. All of a sudden we are here, one month after his birth-day.Accomplishments:Holding his head up for a few seconds spontaneously"Stepping out" (term referring to putting his legs out strait and balancing his weight on his feet)Eyes focusing briefly on objects, and especially our… Continue reading 1 MONTH today!

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3 Weeks!

My baby is growing so fast. Everyone says that about their kids... wow... I'm someone with a kid.... but really, he is growing fast! He doesn't even look like the baby I brought home. To celebrate, Saturday night  we watched the birth and coming home videos. It has taken this long for me to feel brave enough… Continue reading 3 Weeks!