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Pumpkin Patch Kids

This Saturday we just had a day for fun and pictures! David is loving using our new camera and we are capturing the last few weeks of our baby as a bump in Mama's belly :-)*Side note, today a little girl at the church potluck was sitting on a friend's lap beside me. She poked… Continue reading Pumpkin Patch Kids

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It's been quite a while since we did a weekly bump photo! Now that we have a camera again, let's see where I'm at currently and then do a quick recap on how much we've grown in 9.5 months!SO here we are at all but 38 weeks! Look how we've grown! Baby is a low-rida these… Continue reading BUMP PHOTOS!!!

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Something to think about

Who is God? What is God? These can be common questions. A few answers go like this:Creator of the UniverseA Spiritual BeingMythical CreatureA MysteryWe just don't knowAs a Christian, I feel like I should have a good answer, but often I feel what I would say is inadequate.Last night in the Bible study I attended… Continue reading Something to think about

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Concerts may not just be a thing from my past!

I tell you, whether to go to a friend's benefit concert was a real struggle for me. I have not gone to a concert since David and I got engaged. For two years prior to marrying him, I went to every concert that was within reasonable driving distance (reasonability subject to likability 😉 ). In… Continue reading Concerts may not just be a thing from my past!

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Overdue Update

Life gets so busy! Every new post idea I come up with keeps getting pushed back further, then when the time comes so much has built up because so much time has passed!Lets just dive in! We'll work backwards.I'm pretty much 25 weeks pregnant. Last night I took a walk with a friend and realized… Continue reading Overdue Update

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Let's start with POSITIVE DAY! After last post I decided I needed to have a positive day :-)I have the sweetest hubby in the world! He is so ready to be a papa! He keeps taking good care of mama too 😉 Last week when I was having a rough day, he had run some… Continue reading Lately…

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Weekend Fun!

To kick off the weekend, I went to a ladies' retreat with a friend. We had a blast! The topic was on "Loving Well" and before we got into the nitty gritty, they had a silly ice breaker for us!Each group had 5 minutes to put a fashion show-worthy paper towel dress on their designated… Continue reading Weekend Fun!