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New Direction, Answering My Call

I reached a milestone in May. Leading up to the beginning of my new decade, there were many things I had to think about, all of us go through those periods of reflection and reevaluation. Through intense prayer and others praying on my behalf, I believe God answered me with the call to do more for others and my family with what I have learned regarding nourishing foods and beverages and how they can transform one’s health. Not only is this blog getting a face lift, but so is my mission and my ambition. Posts will start to look, hopefully very different here. While some previous posts from my former blogger life may live on, a new journey has begun.

Will you celebrate with me?!?! See the link below to my very first Nutrition Workshop. If you’re available, you can meet me at a scenic Berry Farm and get hands on experience making your own Probiotic Sodas, fermented snacks and sides, and learn some basics for making easy switches from processed and store bought, to whole farm raised and homemade!

Seating is limited, Book now for early bird tickets!

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