New Year

Happy Day!

Today I had such a happy, exciting moment. Some people geek out over, I don’t know… Taylor Swift? Or someone else famous. Today I met a delightful lady I totally consider a celebrity. You’ve seen me link recipe after recipe of hers, household tips, etc. right here in these posts.

I had some doubts about going up to someone I don’t know in real life, introducing myself and trying to convey in a short concise moment what I’ve learned from her posts. I almost backed out. Somehow, I didn’t. I even gave her a thank you card and a little business card, not that she could learn anything from me, I’m studying her work! I just wanted to share something from me with her.

She was as down to earth, sweet, and humble a person as anyone could hope to meet. So glad I got to meet her! I even got an autographed copy of her new (more than a ) cookbook!! I’ve already been pouring through it’s pages while my son naps.

katie Please go check out the delightful, sweet, and inspiring Katie of Wellness Mama! And get the book! It does not disappoint!

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