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New Milestone

Hello sweet readers! Could my posts be any more irregular? I have to tell you, soon and very soon, I will be able to keep up with every single thing I have going on, I hope! I know some of you understand the time and effort it takes to create healthy, appealing meals for a toddler, and then waiting and hoping  they eat the meal you put so much heart and soul into for them. Then when you’re running some small start up businesses, hoping for extra cash to ease the family budget, well, there is just so much to do with only so much time.

Thank you for sticking with me! To show my thanks for being my friend and helping your friends get to know me, I am giving you a coupon in honor of reaching not only 100 likes on which was my goal, but 110!!!

Use code ONEHUNDREDFANS on orders of $10 or more at checkout. Thank you all so much! Click on image to be directed to the shop!


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