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Eating Well and Travel

What a blast my son and I have had on our latest mid western adventure! Of course there was some anxiety on my part leading up to the trip wondering how we would maintain our healthy-eating lifestyle away from home. Thanks to my wonderfully understanding BFF, and the use of her limited kitchen supplies (she is in the process of moving from 1500 sf to 500), we had a successfully fun and nourishing trip! I even lost a pound and my son gained two! This is very good news. Also, I enjoyed practicing how to get by with less!

The day before we left for our trip, I was able to locate the farmer’s market manager in the area via a good internet presence. She put me in contact with several other farmers. My dear friend gathered up some supplies for us on her way to the airport. Cage free eggs 3 doz/$2.50 ea. Cherry tomatoes 2 pints $1 ea. 2 zucchini/$1 ea. 2 lbs. honey/$12, 3 lbs. red/heirloom potatoes, I forget the cost, but they were SO yummy! 3-5 lbs. baking apples, no idea the price, butternut squash/$2. Upon arrival, we were delighted to find kerrygold butter and cheese in the local walmarts. We settled for store brand organic milk, unfortunately ultra pasteurized (We had made contact with a dairy farmer selling raw milk, but she had to meet the demands of her customers and had nothing left for us. But she was very nice about it!). We also bought from the store 8 lbs of what I hoped was at least antibiotic-free chicken thighs.

In my bag I had packed pasture-fed beef gelatin, organic raisins, Crazy Richard’s peanut butter, my own grain-free pancake and muffin mixes prepared the night before the trip, one bag of Enjoy Life chocolate chips, and my magic bullet with two different blade options (I have a friend who always travels with a small induction burner and small cast iron skillet. If we end up being bigger travelers in the future and have the funds, I would consider doing the same!)

So here are the meals, snacks, and desserts we ended up with for a week out of town.



We enjoyed the lovely cage free eggs omelet style, sauteeing the cherry tomatoes first in butter, then adding 5 eggs well beaten, topping with kerrygold dubliner cheese at the end. YUMMY!

At least 3 mornings we enjoyed my coconut flour pancakes as one batch would make enough for leftovers.



Lunch often would consist of leftovers. Here you see those gorgeous heirloom potatoes, chunked, roasted, served with whole cherry tomatoes and slices of dubliner cheese. Aged cheese was my main ferment for the week, though we did end up buying Bragg’s Raw Apple Cider Vinegar towards the end and I was able to drink that with honey mixed in water a few times.

To roast potatoes I first cut into chunks as you see, then mix them in melted butter and spices. This blend consisted of a cuban seasoning and cayenne pepper. For the whole week I did not once cook with salt, I never bothered buying celtic sea salt. Nothing lacked flavor or yumminess, in my opinion. Also, a nod to my mid western buddy’s cow plates! 😉



Roasted chicken thighs. Notice the eager little hand reaching out to snatch a piece! He LOVED this chicken. He even asked to have some for breakfast the next day.

The idea behind thighs, I figured there would be more meat for all 3 of us for the week, and since it came with smaller bones, it would be easier to make stock with the pots she had available. I never ended up making the stock, but the thought was there. The thighs were $1.49/lb. Not a terrible price.

To roast this chicken, I had a glass pyrex 13×9 baking dish. I gave each thigh a couple turns in melted kerrygold butter, then seasoned it up with poultry seasoning and cayenne pepper. I popped it in the oven for about an hour at 400 degrees.

Not pictured, we also had zucchini cut in a rough julienne and sauteed in butter with garlic powder and something else I can’t remember. I topped the zucchini with dubliner at the end. It was a big favorite with all of us.

Another night we were having leftover chicken and I served it with steamed spinach topped generously with butter. Believe it or not, you really need all this butter with veggies, and you want them cooked enough to be soft and easy to eat. It’s the only way our bodies can really utilize the nutrients from the veggies. Had we been born with the stomach capabilities of cows, goats, and rabbits, I’d be typing different recipes… See what she has to say about butter!



WE ALL LOVED these apples! I adapted a recipe from allrecipes, I think… or maybe a food blog. It’s on my kindle.

I hollowed out the apples with a small, dull pairing knife and teaspoon.

Melted several tablespoons of you guessed it, butter.

The apples and raisins are sweet enough, but just for fun I added a generous tablespoon of honey.

Several taps to the cinnamon shaker.

Mixed in raisins.

I nestled the apples in a baking dish and spooned in the raisin/butter mixture.

I added small pats of butter to the top of each apple.

Boiled one cup of water and added to the baking dish.

Baked at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.


Pecans are recommended, but I didn’t have time to soak and dehydrate so I left them out. Yes, always soak and dehydrate your nuts and seeds 🙂 (you want to neutralize the harmful phytates found in raw nuts so you have a happier gut and more nourishing snack!)

Another snack we enjoyed were the gummies made with beef gelatin. I had made some the night before the trip to keep toddler happy, and it worked! I purchased organic, no sugar added juice for this treat, as I had no time to ferment any fruit for my own juice.

Also, a handful of raisins here and there and cheese made good snacks, oh and the butternut squash/peanut butter brownies too.



I got this idea from the farmer who supplies my raw milk.

A delicious custard/pudding dish with just chocolate and ricotta cheese! I don’t know the quality of the ricotta used, only that it was very difficult to find much quality dairy in the store. I just grabbed the only whole milk ricotta I found.

In the magic bullet I combined about 1 1/2 cup(s) ricotta cheese, about 1/4 cup melted chocolate and then pulsed til it was mostly combined. The coldness of the ricotta soon turned the melted chocolate back to a solid. However, turning mixture out into a storage dish and blending the rest of the way with a spatula worked well.

This was sweet enough without being overly sweet, very chocolatey, and had a silky texture! My son and I loved it! I topped it with whipped cream I made from a pint of heavy whipping cream purchased, a dab of honey, and my magic bullet. My friend doesn’t care for ricotta, so she didn’t bother to try.

So that’s all folks! We managed, we maintained, we had fun! I have other posts in the works of other foods we’ve been eating, and also a confession about how the budget gets blown to smithereens once we come back from a trip and have missed two farmer’s markets in a row.





2 thoughts on “Eating Well and Travel”

  1. I love the ricotta/ chocolate idea for dessert! My raspberries are starting to ripen and I bet it would be great with them! Also, we have a family owned, health/grocery store in the town I live in. Raw milk is $8.99 a gallon and the pasture raised eggs are $5.99 a dozen! Crazy isn’t it? Even crazier, I buy it!


    1. Those prices are crazy! But I get it, you take your health seriously. It’s great that your local laws allow raw milk to be sold in a store. Thanks for your comment!

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