What We Devoured in a Week

What you see here is what I consider a proud moment in the history of this journey to date. We all LOVE pancakes, pancakes are just special, warm, loving, friendly food! Husband has made his position clear on the many pancake experiments over the past year. My most memorable was an avocado, berry, banana puree I slipped into the batter when he wasn’t looking, but soon figured out the secret through some scrutinizing questions. I never made that particular blend again (Elijah and I enjoyed it, husband did not.). I LOVE the baby dutch pancakes in the Nourishing Traditions cookbook. But since I grind my own grain, make my own yogurt, and soak grain products over night, quite often all those factors do no align. These grain-free, no soaking necessary, coconut flour pancakes are FANTASTIC!


1/2 Cup Coconut Flour (honeyville website usually has a good deal)

1 Tsp Baking Soda

1/4 Tsp Sea Salt

*blend together in medium to large bowl

3/4 Cup whole milk yogurt (i use my home made, but stoneyfield is organic and they have a whole milk. it’s not in walmart anymore, but it may be in your grocery store like meijer or kroger).

1/4 Cup whole milk (i use raw)

4 eggs room temp (i use cage free from a local farmer)

2 Tsp Vanilla extract (i’ve been out recently, but the pancakes are still good)

1 TBS Honey (sometimes i add two 😉 )

Coconut oil or pasture fed butter (like kerrygold found at Sam’s Club) for frying

*Beat eggs until fluffy (about two minutes) in a separate small to medium bowl, or bowl of your mixer. Add yogurt, milk, honey, vanilla and blend. Add wet ingredients to dry. Let batter stand 3-5 minutes to thicken. In the meantime, preheat skillet to medium-low heat.

I use 1 TBS usually, of batter per pancake, they tend to spread out, but fluff up and thicken as they fry.

You can check out her website for some other variations.


This is a delicious recipe for a syrup replacement, which I got at one of her workshops!

For this batch I used about 1/4-3/4 Cups pasture fed butter, and about 1/4 cup of raw honey (at our farmer’s market for $15/3lbs)

I heat on a low setting, stirring constantly, and mix in almost 2 Tsp of pumpkin pie spices. SOOO yummy!


Elijah’s breakfast get’s served up with a tsp/each pancake of my yummy home made, honey-butter sauce!


I thought I’d share with you not only how I eat breakfast, (you’ll see a lovely non-gmo sausage patty from our local farmer and friend to the side! Elijah eats sausage too, but not a ton, he picks a few bites off my plate… sometimes annoying!) But how I do my coffee. The same lady who teaches amazing nourishing nutrition workshops, also offered a tip for getting the last lingering bits of honey out of a jar. She told me to save the jar for my hot tea. Brilliant! Swish that hot liquid around and boom! instantly sweetened tea, all the honey used. I adapted tip to meet my morning coffee needs 😉 (Which is a habit I have to break, but while I’m still doing it, I try to get the most out of the beverage!) SO here is a meal-in-a-jar/mug coffee recipe:

About 8-10 oz. coffee from organically grown, locally roasted coffee beans, coffee has to be piping hot!

1 heaping Tsp of coconut oil

1 heaping Tsp of pasture fed butter

The remaining bits of honey in your jar, or 1-2 Tsp raw honey

1 heaping Tsp grass-fed Beef Gelatin (we like Great Lakes brand, you can get a 3 pk for $52 on Amazon. It’s worth it! You’ll see more recipes using Beef Gelatin, odorless and tasteless, coming up!)

Enough Raw Milk to achieve the color you like 😉

First of all, BEST LATE EVER!!! This is SOOO yummy, frothy, and just, yummy!

Second, why do I do all this? Well, coconut oil and pasture fed butter are excellent sources of very necessary saturated fats. Just go to the Weston A. Price Foundation website and read the research on this claim. I promise you, I’m NOT crazy, I’m better nourished! Grass-fed beef gelatin is excellent for joint health, hair growth, and of course the vital proteins our body needs to keep repairing itself. Making my coffee another useful opportunity to get some good things in my body. Also, all this nutrients makes it not only a filling beverage, but makes the energy go just a little bit further than an instant burst of caffeine by itself.


Above is my lunch. I’m going to talk a lot about fermented foods these days. And this lunch in particular was a record breaker for me! The rule is, you’ll find in most of the sources I’ll cite, especially mamma’s follies website, to get at least one fermented food or beverage with each meal, and I usually do. That does not mean alcohol, though it can, but for us it doesn’t. It definitely wouldn’t mean a grain alcohol from gmo grains! I digress.

So in this lunch, I remember this day. I had crashed totally, from very low nourishment all morning, I hadn’t felt much like eating. My energy was extremely low due to staying up til midnight most nights finishing up some project or other, and my son getting up at 6 or 6:30. I was at the point where I really felt too weak to stand, eyes extremely heavy and lazy. I got out my fermented bean paste, which is basically cold, refried beans that haven’t been fried, just pureed, and fermented. Topped the beans with fermented salsa, creme fraiche (sour cream for us not-fancy-folks) made in the process of making yogurt, and pasture fed cheese (kerrygold, ballyshannon). That’s a total of FOUR FERMENTED FOODS, PEOPLE! A record for me in one meal on one dish.

I kid you not, I ate this meal, drank a large glass of cold, raw milk, relaxed after the meal for a minute at the table, and BAM! I was up and humming around like a buzz saw. I got so much work done that afternoon. When my son woke up from his nap we had a big time playing, I was energetic through bath and bedtime, and stayed up late again working on some stuff. Before my lunch, I didn’t know how I’d finish out the day. I was shocked at how I felt. And I didn’t have any coffee.


You know we love to snack! These are fantastic mid day, post-nap, bribe for finishing supper, guilt-free treats!

Remember all the talk about grass-fed beef gelatin? Here it is again 🙂

3 TBS Grass-fed Beef Gelatin (you want the reddish/orange container, it’s the thickening one)

1/3 Cup of natural, no-sugar added, organic fruit juice for flavor and color (I usually use whatever berry juice I have from lacto-fermented preserves. This batch is a fermented blackberry juice).

1-3 TBS Raw Honey

That’s it, 3 ingredients! Combine all ingredients in small saucepan, use whisk (best) or spoon to stir constantly over medium-low heat until all clumps are gone, and mixture looks smooth and melty. One batch makes approximately 26 tsps, which is how much it takes to fill up my silicon alphabet ice tray!


Elijah gets a healthy treat full of good protein and natural probiotics which are excellent for his immune system and teeth. He doesn’t even have to know he’s eating healthfully. Also, I make him practice saying whatever letters he gets, the sound they make, and a word beginning with the letter. For more  flavor ideas, visit her page.


These are an all-time, much loved, favorite of ours and friends! So shockingly good for grain-free, peanut butter brownies!

1 Cup Peanut Butter (we like Crazy Richards, a Krema brand, found in some Walmarts. $2.88 here, when it’s on Rollback)

1 Egg (cage free, veggie diet, of course)

1/2 Cup of Raw Honey

1/4 Cup Coco Creme, but guess WHAT?! You can use butternut squash instead! Which I always do! (Chunk your squash, boil, separate from rind, puree if necessary. Usually mine is soft enough to just blend right in with my hand mixer).

I also add a couple handfuls of Enjoy Life chocolate chips, soy-free, dairy-free, sweetened only with cane juice (raw honey would be better, but I haven’t found that yet.) The chocolate just really puts it over the edge to BEYOND AMAZING!

*Mix all ingredients in one bowl with hand mixer. Bake in a greased (i use lard or pasture fed butter) baking dish at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes.


Believe it or not, these 1in. x 2in. squares are crazy filling! I usually can only eat two. Add that nice cup of cold raw milk, and man! You’re really eating! 🙂 Husband, shockingly, but not really shocked, has enjoyed these has his last-break-snack at work.



This meal really shows exactly what I’m trying to illustrate here, making the most not only of what you have on hand, but of your budget, and still being able to eat very nourishing, healthy meals.

We got to a tight spot at the end of this past week. I’d used up all veggies from the Saturday before except for onions and garlic, did not have any spare cash to just run out to the store for even a few things to round out any one recipe. I had one grass-fed steak in the freezer that I’d been saving for trying out some jerky. There was no other meat in the house. I had poured and poured through my cookbook, and asked my dear landlady who was repainting my kitchen due to preserves exploding (yea, she’s awesome) what she would do to make one steak go the distance (she’s also Asian). She said, “stir fry”. Great, I thought. I was thinking that was my only option, but I have no carrots, no broccoli, and I hate stir fry. (I’d only ever had stir fry from a bag in the freezer section of the grocery store). While the recipe in my Nourishing Traditions cookbook calls for so many more fresh ingredients, like fresh ginger, broccoli, carrots… I had to make do. Thank God, (seriously) that I still had stock on hand. So here’s what I did.

The night before I set out my rice to soak, and let it soak for 15 hours or so, in water and whey.

The next morning I marinated my meat in the only thing on hand, raw milk yogurt. The recipe calls for orange juice, but I remembered a roast recipe that suggested marinading in buttermilk, my yogurt was the closest thing.

When it had been several hours, I started the rice. After it boiled and I skimmed the gunk off the top, I added a little sea salt and butter and let it finish cooking covered on low heat.

The rice was done for hours before I ever cooked the rest of the meal. I chopped the meat into chunks before browning it in a my largest skillet with 3 TBS olive oil. Off to the side I had about 1 quart of stock, 1 TBS of white vinegar (the recipe calls for rice vinegar, of course, and of course I didn’t have it), I used the ground ginger I had on hand, chili powder instead of pepper flakes because I didn’t have pepper flakes, some garlic powder, and several cloves of fresh garlic minced in my magic bullet. This was to be the sauce you add at the end. After browning the meat and removing it with slotted spoon from pan, I added more olive oil to browning fat and sauteed two mediums onions I had finely chopped. Then, I added the meat back, poured the sauce over top, brought to a boil, skimmed, then added a mixture of 3 TBS arrow root and 3 TBS water waiting off to the side for the thickening agent. The combined ingredients simmered on low until thick.

I reheated enough rice for just my son and I in a small pan with butter.


SERIOUSLY! This was one of the BEST, most flavorful, excitingly flavored, suppers we’ve had in DAYS!!!!!!!! I was so happy with this dish. I really hated to share the greater portion of it with husband 🙂 We will be making this again. Hopefully with more veggies and fresh ginger at least.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this installment of healthy eating on one of the tightest budgets I’ve heard of 😉

P.S. Right now, I have beef stock going, today I’ve purchased one egg plant for $1.67, two pint-sized boxes of new potatoes for a total of $4, 5lbs of tomatoes for $8, and 3 zucchini for $3 and some change at our farmer’s market. From the grocery store I got a bag of organic mini carrots and organic celery hearts for a total of $4.68. I have one pound of ground meat sitting out and later will be going out to purchase two cage-free roaster chickens which will be about $12 total. Stay-tuned to see what all that will become this coming week!


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