New Series!

FINALLY! I know what topic(s) it is that I know the most about and am most passionate about and means the most to me and my family, and hopefully you will find it helpful and enjoyable too.

Healthy, really healthy, eating on a BUDGET, a very tight budget! I’m starting this new series today with a really honest post about what my food allowance is and how I use it, where I spend the allowance, and what I do with the food all week long. Every week you will know what we’re eating and how much we spent on what we have.

Those who see me or talk to me on the phone regularly (small handful of friends and some family members) have watched my continually transform our diet this last year and I’m constantly asked “Is it more expensive?” I’ve always had to give a long explanation about how “we don’t buy cleaning products, laundry detergent or paper towels, so what we spend at the store goes strait to food so it’s about the same amount only we can eat more”, now I have an easy, specific answer. I can feed my family for $72/week and $84/bi-weekly and most of that goes right to the farmers! Shocked? Here’s my food allowance break down.


3 doz Cage Free Eggs from family at church $7.50

2 Cage Free Roaster Chickens from Sam’s Club $12 (bi-weekly)

2 Lbs Pasture Fed Cheese (Kerry Gold Brand) Sam’s Club $12

2 Lbs Grass Fed Ground Beef from family at church $10

1 LB Grass fed Butter (Kerry Gold Brand) from Sam’s Club $6.48

Several pounds produce from local Farmer’s Market $20

2 Gallons Raw Milk from local Farmer’s Market $16

On the weeks that I don’t have to buy chicken, I can spring for a nice roast or bacon or sausage, and raw honey is $15/3 lbs where we’re located, so I will probably have to buy that on an alternate week most times; or save that $12 towards a bigger purchase like 5 lbs of almond flour or coconut flour, or grass-fed beef gelatin. More on that in coming posts.

So what have we eaten this week? Just to give you some yummy ideas:

In the mornings we’ve enjoyed scrambled eggs (raised locally cage free), I top mine off with home made salsa that I ferment to give it a longer shelf life and enhance the nutritional value. I’ve also made yummy coconut pancakes topped with Raw honey. When I make a slow-rise spelt bread, that is a great accompaniment to breakfast, especially topped with a fermented fruit butter! Elijah (now 22 months today!) and I have not had a cold breakfast cereal or other processed food from the grocery store for breakfast since January. I am making every meal and snack from scratch.

For lunch I make a cold sandwich from leftover meat, sometimes cold veggies and fermented home made mayo, or even cheese and pasture fed butter.

Other times it’s soup or maybe refried beans.

Dinners include roasted veggies, meat or some other animal fat and protein in the form of yogurt or broth, often a big glass of raw milk, and a dessert of some fermented fruit, grain-free treat like peanut butter brownies with butternut squash hidden in the mix, or coconut flour carrot and zucchini muffins, to which I can now add raisins I’ve made from seedless grapes a local farmer grew.

Our darling Papa Bear is having the biggest adjustment, but he has come so far in the last 6 months, just like we all have.

Fun recipes and pictures to come 🙂 Hope this wets your appetite and piques your interest!


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