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27 Candles

… I won’t really have 27 candles because I don’t really like cake. But it’s a title that tells you something about me and this post.

I have about 17 hours left of 26. Tomorrow at 1pm I will officially be 27. For my birthday this year, Husband asked if I could have “anything in the world, what would it be?” I said a tropical vacation with my long time best friend Amanda. I knew he’d be shocked. Shouldn’t a wife and mom always want something with her family? Since I can’t have the tropical vacay with my besty, he’s giving me the whole day after my birthday to myself to do whatever I want within reason as long as I don’t break the bank and as long as I come home at some point, that day.

I’m chuckling to myself for more than one reason, I’m sure you can imagine what they are. At the top of the list though, is how much I’m craving to just be ALONE. Peace and quiet, strolling somewhere with no one hanging off me, no bag full of diapers, sippy cups, dirty clothes from accidents or food that never quite seems to make it in the mouth of my darling toddler.

Oh yes, a day to myself is just what Doctor Mom ordered.

So what will I do with my time? The weather map says bad news for outdoor frolicking. Big bummer for me.

I’m picturing as a close second, a quaint coffee shop, writing, real writing with pen and paper which I never have time to do anymore. Browsing funky shops, treating myself to an expensive, delicious salad. Driving an open road with music blaring! I’m getting excited now!

The only thing that would top it all off, if I could drive to the top of a tall mountain, sprawl out on the edge, let my feet dangle and see and ocean below. That is my ultimate fantasy. Another birthday Lord willing.

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Other thoughts on being 27.

1. I’m not where I thought I’d be at this age. I was still supposed to be alone, living in a cool apartment in Portland, Oregon working for non-profit groups. As it stands, I’ve never been to OR. I haven’t worked for a non-profit group since my freshman year of college.

2. 27 sounds older. Older than I thought it would. My perspective on age is different since I’ve begun baring children.

3. I’m still searching for ways to be useful in this life. Motherhood fulfills part of me, sometimes it feels like all of me, but sometimes that’s just exhaustion talking.

4. I miss feeling young.

Whoa! There’s 4 truths for you, a little more real than I expected. YAY 27. Come on and get me :-p


2 thoughts on “27 Candles”

  1. I look back on my former plans – HA! I never imagined anything like my life as it is today. “Man plans; God laughs.” But He has taught me so many things, and is my Only Constant. Hmmm.. At 27, I was finishing nursing school and beginning work at St Joseph in Lexington. Seems like a long, long time ago. == Be confident in God’s wisdom and care. Happy birthday dear one.


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