working out


Recently Hubs became interested in joining a gym. I’ve thought about it too. Who hasn’t? While we were talking about all the great features of this new location, I asked him why he was suddenly interested. He responded with “I have all this energy when I get off work, I might as well do something somewhat useful.”

His statement caused me to think about present day. We’re fortunate, so we think, to have so many modern conveniences. There was a time when physical activity was just a part of survival. You had to work the land to live. People didn’t have to worry about “staying in shape”, they also didn’t have to worry about where their food would come from or what would be in it, they knew everything that went into getting their meals on the table.

Of course there are still cultures around the globe who are living this way. But we all know the way of the farmer, though trying to make a comeback through local farmer’s markets and truck commercials, is not what it once was.

Our desk jobs and modern conveniences are killing us. We actually have to pay to go to a place to access machines to work out our bodies for us so we can get a clean bill of health at our annual physicals. Wow.

When we can’t afford a gym membership, there is always the booming industry of home workout videos, online coaches, and Youtube.  I fall into this category. This is more what I buy into. However, if I could convince my husband, family farming would not be a difficult switch for me!

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