Big Boy, E's half birthday

Still a Mom!

I haven’t posted anything too motherly in a long time. When I post it’s usually something from the health craze in which I’m caught. With Elijah turning 19 months in just one week, I wanted to remind us all of my main, and most adorable interest!

Hello Bright Eyes
Don’t mess with the fedora!
Cool, dirt.
It’s goin’ down!


This kid is so much fun! His vocabulary is right on track, or maybe a little better, either way, it’s great to be able to communicate with his mixture of well-pronounced words, his version of words, some signs, and his version of signs. He knows what he wants from food to drink to books he wants read at night and activities to play throughout the day. He eats his food spicier than me, enjoys bread like me, and can keep pace with his father on pancake consumption. At the end of the day, he’s still my snuggle buddy!

The sound of his laugh is musical, the various ways he says “no” border on cute, to helpful, to grating on my nerves. I love his little phone conversations with nobody on the other end. The way he eats dirt and makes yummy noises still stings a bit, and he’s always the brightest part of my day when he enthusiastically says “HIiiii! MAMaaa!” Love it!

Little buddy, you are just one cool dude. Thank you to God for making you mine! MUAH!


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