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Casualties of Motherhood

Decorating, wrapping, unwrapping, eating, and traveling! Oh fun it is to celebrate holidays with family and friends.

One small anecdote from our recent, and first time traveling as a family for the holidays: On our way back from seeing my relatives, we stopped for a friends wedding, in which I had the pleasure of being one of her bridesmaids. I dressed up a little for the rehearsal dinner as is common. I wore my favorite pair of earrings which had been a graduation gift upon receiving my B.A. After the dinner my sweet toddler desperately had to use the potty. When he noticed my earrings, I lovingly surrendered one to him for entertainment purposes on the potty, shortly thereafter he dunked my pretty earring in his pile of waste. I had a choice to make, fish through the loose, nasty excrement of my son, or take this as a lesson learned and casualty of motherhood? I took the hit. NO WAY was my little earring worth it!

For a fast-paced, action packed trip, we had a good time. E did better than expected with sleeping, pottying, and eating. Though I constantly felt stabs of guilt for inconsistent naps and food so far from our regular diet. For all the fun we had, we were so thankful to be home. Even E couldn’t contain his excitement as he kept running around our place, inside and out as if to exclaim over all the regular possessions he’d missed for the last week.

Now into the new year, I’m excited to take up blogging again! Seems I have a resolution to better organize myself in many aspects. Harness my time management powers, a high ranking characteristic of my late teens and early twenties.

Happy New Year to all my dear friends! And many blessings!!!

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