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Glad to be Back!

Obviously I have struggled to find the time to enter any new posts. Even when I’m away from my blog, I’m always thinking of items I want to add. I hope you’ll enjoy the addition of a new page that offers money and planet saving tips!

Monday will mark two weeks since hubs and I started new jobs. We are definitely still trying to get a handle on our new schedule. Elijah seems to be happy as ever, just along for the ride. He’s dealing with baby stuff, 5 new teeth all trying to pop out at once on the top gum, getting closer to making more than one step unassisted, and charming the pants off everyone he meets!

Along with starting a new job, I have tried new bread recipes and detergent recipes.


If you want to save $$ on your laundry detergent, try this easy and affordable recipe:

1 bar unscented soap (a 3pk of Ivory Soap was .97 at Target, I had a $1 off coupon and a .40 off coupon. I bought two packages and only spent .47!)

1 Cup Washing Soda (I used baking soda, and I bought the big bag at Sam’s because there are so many great household uses)

1/2 Cup Borax (The big box at a local Amish market was 5.95, I’m sure you could find other varieties and price points at your local store in the household cleaner aisle)

*Optional – Some form of oxygen cleaner, 1/2 Cup (I used Sun Oxygen (apprx. $4 for a large tub).


Grate bar of soap with box grater.

Add powders

Mix together

Use 2 tbs- 1/8 Cup per load.

I store my mixture in my yogurt containers… Recycle and Reuse!

You can add drops of essential oils to your scoop before adding to laundry, but I find I like how my clothes turn out even without adding scent. Their is a crispness and freshness that I have not experienced with regular detergents off the shelf. A testament to stain-fighting power – I had worn a pair of white, cropped trousers on a day out with hubs and baby. I got down by the car to help son potty, and managed to get black dirt from the tire tread all up and down my pant leg. It didn’t brush off and we were out of Shout stain remover. After sitting in the laundry for a week or so, I was finally able to make a white load, washing in my HE washer on the “whites” cycle, using my home made detergent only, my trousers came out beautifully white and clean!!!!

While you have your supplies out, go ahead and make your dish washer detergent:

1 Cup Borax

1 Cup Baking Soda

*Optional, use 2 TBS powdered detergent if dishes seem spotty. I have not tried this yet, my dishes have had some spottiness.

**Substitute Vinegar for Jet dry and save even more dollars!!! I have done this and I love the results!

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