Wipes Solution Recipe

Don’t Throw Money in The Trash!

I love this idea from “365 Ways to Live cheap“, make wipes from flannel material. Many people already make their own baby wipes by using paper towels and their own cleaning solution, however, this EVEN BETTER!


We bought really adorable material at Walmart for 3.97/yd. 2 yards got me about 48 cloths. I’m using a blanket stitch to hem up the sides. We’ve been using the cloths as I finish them and have had them through the wash a few times and they are durable, sturdy, and reusable!

My goal is to completely do away with paper towels in our home. What a savings on the grocery bill and the land fill! Now if only hubby would let me make our toilet paper! 😉 Just Kidding!!! (sort of!)

Remember, for any sewing project, you want to wash the material first to make sure there is no shrinking after you sew your creation.!

Baby Wipe Solution Idea:

1 TSP baby shampoo/body wash

1/4 Cup Water

Place cloths in reusable container

Mix solution and pour over clothes

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