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One BIG Day!

It’s hard to believe this day is finally here. But more on that in a minute.

Over the weekend Elijah hit 39 weeks. He has lived outside of the womb as long as he lived inside the womb. Amazing how time flies! Here is a look at then and now!

Since we already did the 39 weeks outfit to 1 week comparison, I went back to the outfit two weeks prior to birth. I was basically the same size for two weeks (i had no idea at the time how much longer I would be pregnant. looking at these pix now I remember thinking the delivery date would be forever in the future! now it seems the time has flown).


At 39 weeks gestation, baby was the size

Of a pumpkin and not able to do much more than hiccup constantly. punch and kick, and headbutt my tender bladder. I was CRAZY hot all the time, with itchy tight skin, sleepless, and often running to the potty (ugh just looking at that pic, how low and heavy my boy was in my belly!!!).DSC03233At 39 weeks post pardom, I feel fit and pretty! Still sleepless, sometimes, but happy that the cause is taking care of my child instead of ridiculous trips to the bathroom!

DSC03238 At 39 weeks from the womb, Elijah is a happy, active, fun little boy! He has quite the flamboyant personality already! He bounces up and down when he holds onto furniture, giggling! He can walk around furniture, grab anything and everything from anywhere he wants! He’s learning what “no” means, saying “mama” all the time! Eating various cheeses, applesauce, pastas, veggie dishes, and other various creations from his mama’s stove top. He still nurses about 4 times a day. He loves books, going to the library, laughing when his parents tickle him or play hide and seek, and swinging in swings at the park. He is currently about 26-27 inches tall and weighs about 18lbs.

Now, the big day and big changes for Papa and Mama!

Papa and I both started new jobs today! When I began this post this morning, I was just about to get ready for my first day stepping into a corporate office in two years! The first time stepping into any professional office as an employee in 9 months. I’m now I proud Internet Merchandising Associate for a reputable company, and hubs is a machinist on a line at a national company making car parts. It’s a good and crazy change for the fam!

Elijah seemed to feel things were changing however, because he was extra clingy last night and this morning. I also noticed today that his top two front teeth are coming in, so that could also play a part. I’m very thankful however, that my job will be from home and part time! Pops and I still get to parent our son together from home and earn an income. Praise God!

We also had the blessing today of friends from out of town stopping in for lunch! It was so great to catch up, enjoy a bite to eat, and share some laughs.

FINALLY!!! Today was also Elijah’s first day of Bible class, as our church’s VBS started up this morning. I heard my hubs looked like a natural showing up with baby and taking him to his first class. Mama is super sorry she had to miss a first, but praise God she’s witnessed all the others, and hopefully so many more to come! Last year at this time, you can see how big I was with my child inside me for VBS, I cannot believe he is old enough this year to attend!

What a whirlwind for today, last week we spent all week catching up around the house and trying to make family memories before life gets crazy with new schedules, pictures of our time together to come!

Have a wonderful week ya’ll!

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