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Don’t Throw Money in The Trash!

I love this idea from "365 Ways to Live cheap", make wipes from flannel material. Many people already make their own baby wipes by using paper towels and their own cleaning solution, however, this EVEN BETTER! We bought really adorable material at Walmart for 3.97/yd. 2 yards got me about 48 cloths. I'm using a… Continue reading Don’t Throw Money in The Trash!

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Best Whole Wheat Bread!

I have had my ups and downs with bread making, mostly downs. Thanks to my good friend Sam, I finally have a recipe that makes delicious, beautiful bread every time! It's so easy and so quick compared to so many others!   7 1/2 cups whole wheat flour, Wheat Montana's Prairie Gold is the best… Continue reading Best Whole Wheat Bread!

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Make Your Own Moisturizer!

I've been looking forward to trying this recipe and sharing the results! I found this cool, easy recipe on a blog that unfortunately I can't find anymore! To be fair, I was planning my wedding (3 years ago now) so I was looking at a lot of blogs! This will eventually go bad, it's like… Continue reading Make Your Own Moisturizer!

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Glad to be Back!

Obviously I have struggled to find the time to enter any new posts. Even when I'm away from my blog, I'm always thinking of items I want to add. I hope you'll enjoy the addition of a new page that offers money and planet saving tips! Monday will mark two weeks since hubs and I… Continue reading Glad to be Back!

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No Vacation Like Vacation Bible School!

It's so hard to believe my son attended his first VBS this year! Just last year he was a little guy in my belly while I went to VBS. Not the easiest beginning... But it got better. He even managed to make a buddy! I really encourage everyone to find a church family. The people… Continue reading No Vacation Like Vacation Bible School!

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One BIG Day!

It's hard to believe this day is finally here. But more on that in a minute. Over the weekend Elijah hit 39 weeks. He has lived outside of the womb as long as he lived inside the womb. Amazing how time flies! Here is a look at then and now! Since we already did the… Continue reading One BIG Day!