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DIY Formal Wear

Remember when I promised to start doing some posts differently? More DIY was listed, so here we are. Though I should have taken step-by-step pix, once you’re knee deep in the work it’s hard to stop and snap away!



I bought this dress at a consignment boutique 4 years ago. I’ve worn it to a goodbye party for moi, and my rehearsal dinner. This weekend we’re going to a wedding and I wanted to change things up a bit. I never really enjoyed the straps, too skinny, and the adjustment clips were flimsy. I always either wore a tank top under, or a sweater over. As hot as it is, and even hotter carting around a 17lb. bouncy baby boy, I didn’t want layers! I definitely didn’t want to worry what bra I would wear to keep the straps from view. Previously, this dress had a lovey, wide sash. I always thought it would look cool tied in my hair someway, but that seemed like a hassle for an evening out, since stuff like that tends to slide out. I solved all the problems with these modifications.

1. The sash was actually two pieces of material sewn around all 4 sides. I cut the length I needed for two wider straps. They opened like a pocket, so I slipped the original straps inside, still attached to the back of the dress, hand-stitched them in place, then attached the new, wider, reinforced straps to the bodice. The fit is awesome, the dress comes up higher, the straps are practically cap sleeves. Yay!

2. There was enough of the sash left to tie around my hair, but I decided I wanted a stretchy headband for less chance of falling off throughout the evening. I folded the sash in half long-ways, hemmed the ends first, then sewed up the sides. I attached each end around a hair elastic, and poof! I have a stretchy headband to match my dress. I still had a decent amount of fabric, so I made poofey fabric flowers, and crocheted one flower to accent the piece!

I always love creating a waistline, so I will top off the ensemble with a skinny belt, and after pairing with nude flats, I am formal evening wedding-ready!  YAY for a whole new look from items already in my closet and around the house. The only part left to the sash is a 1 inch by 1 inch square. waste not, want not!

What can you modify from your closet?

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