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The number of posts published since beginning my blog. Since my one year anniversary post, I am up to 54 followers! 7 our from word press, 47 are from Facebook. We’re growing.

In thinking about where we are with this blog and where we want to go, I realize most posts are pretty much just an account of day to day life, our lives, perhaps boring to the rest of the world. In going forward, I really want to make this blog more useful to fellow moms and moms to be, even women considering motherhood… maybe some info may help dads too! For instance, breastfeeding joys and issues (i.e. mastitis); activities to help baby grow intellectually and socially; more recipes; more money saving tips (for instance, I recently borrowed “365 ways to live cheap” from the library and I’m already doing most of them, so maybe I can help someone else!); stuff like that! My goal was always to become a useful resource, at least to a few. However, with the birth of my son, it has been so much easier to just write a quick blurb about what we’re doing and post a few pictures to keep us going.

I have no certifications that declare me an expert in anything related to parenting, health, or nutrition. I have a communication degree. What I will offer is my common sense and experience. Readers will judge the value and credibility of those credentials. I will do my best to cite my outside resources!

I’m so thankful for those who began reading Delightfully Sweet from the first post, and I’m excited for those who are joining in along the way! After tomorrow’s post announcing E’s achievements at 8 months, get ready for some hopefully fun and insightful new post-themes!

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