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Fertility taking the media by storm!

I'm amazed, but I guess I shouldn't be, how concerned the media is with fertility right now. Did you see this snippet on the Today Show, almost a month ago now? After catching this by chance, I saw the topic in other places for instance the campaign website powered by First Response pregnancy test; The video controversy aired… Continue reading Fertility taking the media by storm!


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Check it out! I'm on here 🙂

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Check out my newest addition!

I have promised more recipes. What I started today is a page to feature all my recipes as I incorporate them into my posts. Check it out! It's a work in progress, more recipes will be added to each category as I have time. Keep in mind, even if I don't say it every time,… Continue reading Check out my newest addition!

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Weekend Wedding and Roadtrip

Remember the last post when I shared my dress update? Here is how it turned out.   Yep, my hair is wet. You know how it is getting yourself and baby ready minutes before you have to run out the door! Last minute family photo shoot before we dash off to witness the beginning of… Continue reading Weekend Wedding and Roadtrip

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DIY Formal Wear

Remember when I promised to start doing some posts differently? More DIY was listed, so here we are. Though I should have taken step-by-step pix, once you're knee deep in the work it's hard to stop and snap away! I bought this dress at a consignment boutique 4 years ago. I've worn it to a… Continue reading DIY Formal Wear

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Workin’ Girls Pt. II

It probably wasn't hard to figure out my meaning of "Workin' Girls" if you read the previous post. I hope to wrap up my breastfeeding experience and tips nicely and sweetly here and now! Hubs is upstairs having what sounds like an eventful time bathing our son, so we'll see how well this goes! Also,… Continue reading Workin’ Girls Pt. II


Workin’ Girls Workin’ Overtime! Pt. I

Before we get into this post, I want you to know I spent many days thinking about what I would say on the subject of breastfeeding. You can find so much information about it online, hospitals give out pamphlets, there are books for expecting moms that offer pointers. Along with the basics comes a heap… Continue reading Workin’ Girls Workin’ Overtime! Pt. I