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Working Weekend

Are you one of those people with an endless mental to-do list? Do you mentally kick yourself at the end of the day for only getting 1 or 2, maybe even just half of one task checked off the list? I do those aforementioned things, but right now, at the end of a 3 day weekend I’m working hard not to regret because maybe I didn’t spend enough time just “being” with my family, I’m somewhat daring to enjoy what we did accomplish, together.

Behold! The rearranged nursery!

first… an exciting start to the re-do…

DSC02668 DSC02669 Hubs kind of backed himself into a corner and didn’t enjoy me laughing and taking pictures instead of helping him out!

DSC02672  DSC02673  DSC02674 AHHH! At last! The feeling of less clutter, more play space for E, and a better work station for me! IT feels good to get something done!

DSC02675 This picture takes my words away, melts my heart. Love my little man!

In an effort to keep him at peace while I attempted to diaper the sleeping, post-bath boy, I nestled his giant monkey next to him. Totally worked!

DSC02677 Then it was off to dreamland… I sit across from him now as he sleeps so sweetly (who knows for how long!) I ache inside with love and emotions too complex to describe, but mom’s know what they are, just looking at him, trying to focus on work, and praying to God I don’t screw him up!


Hope ya’ll had a great Memorial Day Weekend! It’s never to late to thank a Veteran or someone currently in service! I kick myself for not taking the chance 3 weeks ago when we shared an elevator with a serviceman.

I thought I would announce my Etsy shop today, but I scared myself out if it (again.) Enjoy the latest designs on my Sweet Shop page here!

******ALSO To pick you all up on your first day back to work after a long weekend, I’m running a giveaway. Last one for a while. I will choose two winners this time! Regular rules apply, comment on this post, like us on FB if you haven’t before. Tell a friend to like us on FB then have the friend comment on this post saying who made the recommendation to score you an entry and your friend an entry! Sound easy? Well, it is! 😉 Happy entering! Welcome back to work Tuesday!

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