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One of those weeks, the good and the challenging!

Monday was crazy, errand running began at 8:30am, but we made it home in time to salvage one of little man’s naps. A day running around, as many moms know, sets you back with how things are run at home. We’re working through transitioning baby (closer to little boy now a days it seems) back into his own bed, so sleep is precious little again. Tuesday morning I had planned a surprise for hubs to celebrate our anniversary. That part was fun 🙂 We enjoyed a family breakfast and gifts and cards were exchanged!

DSC02538 DSC02546 DSC02541 DSC02549  DSC02547 E got to celebrate with us, outside the womb this year!

Later in the afternoon Papa Bear took Baby Bear away to hang out, which gave me a chance to get a much needed nap. Ahh the importance of sleep and peace and quiet when you become parents!


DSC02551 This sums up the week… no  matter how much I clean, cook, wash dishes and laundry around the clock it seems, I feel like our place always looks like this!!! Please tell me there are other moms out there struggling to keep a home in perfect order? Skills always praised by former employers: organized, good time management, efficient. Where are those skills now??

Looking ahead to the weekend while looking back… I’m excited to have a 3-day weekend with hubs! He’s always so much more chill when he knows eh gets a break from his job. I like to see the stress lines smoothed out for awhile. He doesn’t know this yet, but I’m hoping we re-organize the nursery! hehehe

Last weekend was awesome! Lord willing you will soon see some new designs thanks to a re-stock in supplies! Plus fun DIY napkins for us!!!


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