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My Dirty Job…

After a rather difficult night with my boy, hubby graciously took over for me even though he had put in over time at work. It was the kind of morning where sitting alone with a cup of coffee would be the key to hanging on to sanity I needed! Before I could enjoy my coffee and bagel, I had to take something outside, I realized what a lovely morning it was, perfect temp, nice breeze, and we’ve hardly used the bench we got for the patio. I announced to hubs I would be having breakfast on the patio, alone!

Looking around while I ate breakfast, my mental list started racking up the bullet points for all the things I had wanted to do to improve our outdoor space and had yet to achieve. One thing lead to another and I’m tearing through bins of potting soil, pots, tools, and other container garden supplies we had confiscated from a previous neighbor. Let me tell you, one huge tarp holding long-standing stagnate water, an open bag of soaked potting soil, and piles of rubbish and outdoor debris never before cleaned off our porch lead to 2 hours of work, washing, trashing and banishing everything from common dirt and leaves to pinky finger-sized roaches. Yea. Nastola!!!!!!!

Ugghh nothing makes me feel dirtier than getting stagnate, filthy water splashed over my legs and flip flops  to seeing roaches scatter and trying to stamp out as many as possible (even getting my son’s poopy butt against my clean tank top this morning wasn’t as nasty as this!). How did we let it get this bad?? I mean, it’s a nice town house, decent yard, we shouldn’t have these problems. I learned that a bucket of hot soapy water works wonders and a swifter mop without cloth makes a great squeegee! Also, emptying a bottle of bug killer can do wonders to bring peace of mind!

Once things were cleaned up, I set about using the potting soil and pots to set up some container flower gardens. Who knows if anything will grow? I could have burned up the sweet little seeds with fertilizer, the sun may dry them up before they have a chance to sprout, or the birds may get brave and steal them. I’m certainly not a master gardener, but give me some fresh cut flowers in a vase and I’ll keep those babies alive for a month! All I know is a little bit of coffee and fresh air went a long way this morning, and I’m thankful hubs could take over baby care for a while to let me get a necessary, unexpected, dirty job done, then take a very needed hot shower!!

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