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I may be over 1/4 of a century old, but I still know how to have fun!

So where was I for the last few days and how was my birthday and first mother’s day with baby on the outside, you ask?


Hubs burst in after work on Tuesday and said he had a surprise! He took the next 3 days off work for a 5 day weekend and he was taking us to the beach to celebrate my birthday and mother’s day! Imagine my pleasant state of shock! We quickly found a hotel, he let me pick the beach, we set about washing clothes and diapers and packing whatever our little family of 3 might need for a spontaneous vacation. What a sweet hubs I have!!!

***All Photos property of shopdelightfullysweet














DSC02412 DSC02414








***All photos property of shopdelightfullysweet

It took E until the second day to really warm up to the beach and getting in the water. Traveling can be tough on one so young, but for all he was dealing with (teething, break with schedule, long time in car seat) he managed like a trooper!

A note on how he’s pottying: we were very impressed that out of the 22 cloth diapers we took with us for 3 nights and 4 days, we managed to come back with 8 clean. He maintained, and somewhat managed to do better, with going on his potty on the road!

We spent some time at an aquarium due to a rainy second morning, that proved to be a great family experience. E enjoyed himself, which I was surprised since he’s so little! It was a good time for Mama and Papa too! Though we were glad for the sun to come back out and hit the beach again! A great time, wonderful birthday, even better husband and son!

In other news, the bottom tooth we discovered last week, is joined by a buddy! Two bottom front teeth side by side!

1 thought on “I may be over 1/4 of a century old, but I still know how to have fun!”

  1. Love the third picture down, he is so adorable! Your bathing suit cover-up is super cute. Surprises are my favorite, glad this worked out for you all!!


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