7 month milestones, baby developments, current activites

7 months and flourishing… Praise God!

I sit in my living room, admiring how a baby changes the look and feel of a place (i.e. jumperoo/exeraucer-thing to my left, walker to my right, yoga mat-material alphabet playmat on the floor, random toys and books strewn about); and I thank God that I have the gift and blessing to experience this part of life.

7 months and 1 day ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He continues to grow and flourish into this amazing boy-child. I’m amazed! I also began noticing last night the more skills E picks up, the more eager he becomes to master the next. I can relate, go get’em son!!!

Current Milestones/abilities/firsts:
-Shortly after the 6 month post, E said “Mama” and sat up to play with his toys (if we sat him down)
-He began walking in his walker, he now marches around the house in that thing and does his best to keep his papa and I cornered all the time!
-He’s meeting other babies and getting early lessons in sharing and socializing
-TODAY we discovered the top of his first tooth in his bottom gum, dead center!
-Two nights ago he pushed himself to sitting in bed, it’s amazing how motivated he becomes when he needs my attention!
-Last night he sat up for his bath most of the time; and instead of crawling, he would go into “plank” position (if you do yoga you know what that means), full torso off the ground, toes down, and rocking back and forth trying to stand up on the bathroom floor. He also tried pulling up on the toilet, I had to stop him then… He had pulled himself up on his activity block a couple times, I guess he wanted to pull up on everything within reach at that point!
-We’ve been experimenting with purees at home. Veggies, fruits, veggies and fruits together. He pretty much hates all of it. But the faces! He’s so hopeful with every bite, then he gets the mush in his mouth and it’s a look of utter disgust and disappointment, as if he’s saying “Mom, what are you doing to me?! How could you!”
-His main source of nutrients is still good old fashioned breast milk!
-The last two days he’s taken very nice, 1+hr. naps on his own! Imagine how good that is for mama!

That’s a lot of new things! There is so much more! I can’t imagine what will be happening by 8 months. This is all just going too fast. Exciting and sad for this first time mama!

Even though he’s already tried it, he’s still hopeful…
OOOHHH NO! The bitter reality…
The disgust!
…And his look of disappointment. “How could you, Mom?”
Now the apprehension (i love how he looks so proper and gentile, sitting upright, hands almost folded)
Followed by absolute disgust!
Boys, already learning to tussle… little E didn’t know what was happening!
We tried to tell them, there’s TWO drumsticks…
His buddy D, born only 4 days before E!
He melts my heart!


But SERIOUSLY, he’s SO worth it!!

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