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Baby-Wearin’ Mama’s!

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Yesterday was awesome for E and me! We got together with a couple young, first time moms at the park. Our boys are stair steps, 9mo., 6mo., and 3mo. If you’re a mom of a young baby, you know how good it can be to get out of the house for fresh air, especially with other women at the same stage as you!

It’s so fun to remember where E was not too long ago, and what is up ahead not too far from now.

For the girls who will totally understand what it’s like, I dedicate this next anecdote!

E was pretty worn out last night, I let him have a later-than-usual last nap. I kinda wanted to watch some lame, girly sitcom. It was a re-run, and I was pretty tired too, so when E woke up, I decided we would shower together and go to sleep at the same time. Bath time went fine, and normally after he’s in his pj’s and fed, I wait til he’s asleep before I go through my nightly hygienic/beauty routine. E was in no mood to just settle down, and he did not want to wait for me.  He just screamed. Some may remember a similar day like this. So E and the corner of my towel in one arm, brushing my teeth, Listerine rinse, and night cream in the other hand. It was an exciting routine. I will say for all the craziness, it was amusing watching the awe on E’s face as he saw my mouth foam with toothpaste!

We mamas gotta do what we gotta do!

Check back for a fun DS blog challenge coming soon!

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