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Hump Day Already?

These weeks just fly by. For most, this day is already over and you’re on to the day that most people just wish didn’t exist because it stands between you and the last day of the work week and the ultimate, and shortest part of the week, the WEEKEND!!!!!!!! In looking forward to another weekend, I’ll share some of the fun we had last weekend.

But first, an update! Some may have read this past post “Reflections on Becoming Mommy.” Since then, I’ve been blessed daily by a growing relationship with my infant son. This morning when I was up for the 4th time since putting my dear boy to bed and could no longer get myself back to sleep, I enjoyed reading a book that has answered questions I’ve had about encouraging my sons emotional, spiritual, social, and physical growth. “Six Ways to Keep the Good in Your Boy” by Dannah Gresh. Let me share this section with you:

“Your child is less likely to experience at-risk behaviors if he (or she) experiences parent-child closeness. As I have continued my research from the late 1990s right up to the present, I have been bombarded by the words “parent-child connectedness.” Connectedness reduces the risk of dropping out of school, crime, substance, abuse, and sexual activity. It increases academic performance, social contribution, and the presence of healthy emotions and relationships.

This section talked about how this connectedness actually begins in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy through the first 18 months of a child’s development. This is crucial frontal lobe development time! We as parents, especially moms have such a huge role here! This section for me just encourages and reinforces attachment parenting methods! And basically says, hug you child! Talk to your child! Understand your child! Hope this encourages you to keep reaching out to your child 🙂


We had been sick off and on since our Easter trip. Friday and Saturday were the first days we felt good enough to get out and have fun! We fed ducks/geese at a park (ok David fed them, I’m still dealing with aftershock of being attacked by a Canadian goose when I was 5… I know.) There was a classic car show, farmer’s markets, trying new food, and just good family time! I’m so thankful for warm weather and getting back into the swing of farmers market hopping, now with our son going with us and enjoying the sun and fun too!!!





Ready to go Mom!





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