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Baby’s First Easter

Could two weeks really already have passed since our trip north-east for E to meet relations and have a family Easter dinner?

Guess so!

Picture Roll:

Property of shopdelightfullysweet
Meeting Great Grandma! My grandma
Property of shopdelightfullysweet
Slowly warming up to his Grammy, my mom
Property of shopdelightfullysweet
His Uncle “Farmer G”, fresh in from tending his horses… E was quite struck by him 🙂
Property of shopdelightfullysweet
E bonds with his Grammy and Pap, my parents
Property of shopdelightfullysweet
E with my 2nd cousin once removed… he really hit it off with her!
Property of shopdelightfullysweet
Keeping the baby close! The only way we could make it through big family dinners! (even though my bro could barely keep from mocking me! I wear my baby for E and me and no one else!)
Property of shopdelightfullysweet
E really made up to my aunt!
Property of shopdelightfullysweet
E’s 3rd cousin
Property of shopdelightfullysweet
The fam keeps growing! Cousins I grew up with, their spouses, and a couple kids starting the new generation, right next to the generation that got us started 🙂
Property of shopdelightfullysweet
E’s Great-Grammy… They’re so cute together!
Property of shopdelightfullysweet
E loves this Great-Aunt! She’s the first one he ever met
Property of shopdelightfullysweet
E familiarizes himself with a 2nd cousin
Property of shopdelightfullysweet
Me and E with Grammy
Property of shopdelightfullysweet
Father and Son catching a few extra winks before we start the long journey home

Family can fill your heart and bring such sweet memories to surface.

Lessons from traveling with baby:

  • We took more than we needed from clothes to gear
  • Babies can become stressed out, burned out, and overwhelmed same as adults
  • It’s best to just stay in the backseat with your baby on a long car trip, no matter how cramped you feel
  • You have to be a team, 100%
  • Breastfeeding, babywearing, and ECing provides consistency for baby away from home

Gear We actually needed and used:

  • Baby K’tan (Baby wrap)
  • Baby B’jorn smart potty
  • Baby’s favorite blanket
  • Cloth diapers (the paper diapers and wipes ended up giving baby bad diaper rash)
  • Babyganics Protective Ointment (for diaper rash)
  • Simple clothing

The little man did the best he could on such a journey. All in all, a successful Easter.

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