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How the little man grows!

E is 6 months and two days old!!

Property of
Playing in the Jumperoo!
Property of
Caught nabbing papa’s playstation remote!
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Dressed up for his 6 month bday
Property of
Property of
Property of
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“Helping” Mama stuff diapers


Had his well visit today.

  • Weighing in at 15 lbs

  • 26 1/2″ long
  • Above average in height, below in weight… just like his Mama

Current Activities

  • Hanging onto the edge of coffee table with minimal support
  • Actively going from back to belly, belly to back from both sides
  • Grip strength is amazing
  • Enthusiastically grabs for anything catching his eye
  • Digs through diaper bag looking for random treasure during worship services
  • Occasionally plays in jumperoo
  • Enjoys gladware, spatulas, and various safe kitchen utensils for toys and teethers
  • Has sucked on apple slices, orange slices, and carrots
  • Still 100% BF… considering introducing some solids
  • Waking up 1-2 times through the night
  • Sometimes we cave in and co-sleep for the sake of getting good rest
  • Still EC-ing. This morning we had a dry diaper at 3am!! We very rarely clean up poo anymore 🙂
  • Wearing cloth diapers in case of misses
  • SOOO close to saying “Mama”

Mama activities

  • Sometimes getting out with her MOMs group. If you’re not in one, try and find one in your area!
  • Still wearing baby as much as possible so I can get things done around the house!
  • 6lbs left of baby weight!!!!
  • Trying to find cost-saving ways to feed and clothe our little fam…
  • Attempting to network
  • Having fun meeting other moms at church and around town
  • Crafting as much as possible!!!
Property of
Getting ready to go out with E on his 6 month bday
Property of
We love baby-wearing!!



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The next post will be another re-post from the last year!

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