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Delightfully Sweet Blog’s One Year Anniversary

One Year ago yesterday I began this blog. At the time it was to chronicle the journey of my pregnancy. Today it captures the adventures of a first time Mama and Papa, and rapidly growing babe, and now a budding handmade hair bow business!

In honor of this anniversary, I am offering a giveaway!!! That’s right, my gift to those who read and enjoy our adventures! What you must do: Like DS on Facebook and comment on this post. OR Follow us by email and comment on this post. OR Follow this blog and comment on this post. If you already like or follow DS by one of the former means, encourage a friend to like or follow and say who told them about the blog in their comment, also you can still comment and follow by another means to enter! What you get in return? One custom hair accessory! This accessory can be for you, for a loved one, any age, any occasion! Your choice! There is only one winner. The contest ends one week from today!

I am looking forward to creating a custom piece for your collection!

Stats for the last year:

This is my 80th post

Top views 107

All time views 1219

Total Comments 79

Currently there are 19 Facebook Followers

3 WordPress followers


In the spirit of celebration, I will be re-posting some content from the past year with long-lost pictures! Enjoy the next week of celebration with us! To come in the future, new designs and Elijah’s First Easter post!



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