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Chaos no more!!!

Maybe you remember this post, “Chaos”? This part 2 has long been in the making. Believe me, the pix from the initial post did not do justice to how truly chaotic our home became before I completed my organization and home decorating project!

How we’re living now!



Some of my favorite features: Baby toys all have a place out of sight; diaper changing supplies, out of sight! New wall decor chosen by Hubs, supplied by Target!

Storage ottoman from Kohl’s

Storage cubes from Target


Ahhh floor space and almost no clutter! Hubs and I now share the dresser, amazing!


A nice, out of the way place to tuck pack n’ play when not in use! (random alcove in our room houses the bonus sink we never use!)


YAY!!!! Our new, HUGE (for us, the last bed was a full-size, ick!), comfy, therapeutic, queen bed!!! We sleep so peacefully now (as long as baby sleeps too!)

Bedding and Wall Decor by Target. (apparently we like trees, branches, and birds!)


So, a word on sharing:

With my husband I share a bed; a dresser (two top drawers for me! love how that’s enough space for my clothes and undies!); a closet; a child; a home; a car (just one!); when we travel, a suitcase; a love, a whole life! When I put my clothes in his dresser, I realized how much I really like sharing with him and there is no one else in this whole world with whom I would enjoy sharing so much!!!


We’ll be traveling so this post and the latest designs in the Delightfully Sweet Shop will have to hold my trusty followers till we get back! (i’m not cool enough for guest posters yet 😉 )

1 thought on “Chaos no more!!!”

  1. Your HOME looks great! I totally agree on the sharing, I love sharing with Aaron. We laugh and say because ‘sharing is caring’. 🙂
    Love the new model of your hair pieces too!


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