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Supermommy! At least for a day…

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Feelin’ like Supermom after my day yesterday! Typically on Thursdays I’ve hosted a Bible study in my home, last night the group had other plans and I took the time to attend to some things that I let go the last week.

Mr. E was pretty fussy most of the day, but after napping with him for 20 minutes, I decided to get brave and try couponing while he continued to sleep, gotta love a no-motion transfer mattress! It didn’t take him long though to want to get up too, so while BFing, I continue clipping away at coupons and checking sales online!

After we had our coupons, I rushed around getting him to the potty, dressing us for the cold weather, packing up diaper bag and carrier, then it’s off to two stores to hopefully snag the lowest prices.

As usual, baby tied to my body attracts plenty of attention, but I treck on, collecting items long overdue to purchase.

The last store I go to is under construction, I have to go to every isle. Two items unaccounted for in my coupons. The nice checker has his bagger unpack my cart and he goes to locate my items. Thursday night is my new favorite time to get groceries!

Sleeping baby goes back in the carrier once we park at home. I get our typical outing stuff inside, and load up my arms with bags of goods, wearing baby all the while.

I set down the groceries just in time to catch The Office for the first time this season while I feed baby. As I’m closing the blinds they crash down on me, nearly missing baby as I catch the unreliable thing. I mount the couch, baby and all and get a quick lesson how to inefficiently replace blinds.

Take E to potty again, put him back in carrier because he is still not happy, unpack groceries, separating the travel snacks for next week, bag chicken for freezing, then set about doing dishes, cleaning kitchen, straitening living room and making hubby’s coffee.

I’m done with everything by 10pm.

Where would I be without my Baby K’Tan?

Once in a while a woman has to feel super, am I right?

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