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Showering with an infant… how else am I supposed to wash my hair?

Oh the adventures of motherhood!

I’ve heard many young women not yet mothers comment on how “surely at some point you can put down your child to take care of yourself” in an effort to please your hubs. I may have even made some similar remark myself at one time. Now I just quietly smile to myself like moms must have done around me once upon a time when I mused over how things would be that I had yet to experience.

Let me tell you, rare is the time that you can “just put down your child” to take care of yourself, and if ever such a time arises, you better catch a wink a of sleep or stuff a diaper (for any cloth diaper-ers out there), because you’re gonna need it later!!

Let me illustrate my point:

Today my son was particularly in need of closeness with Mama! He had to be away from me 4 whole hours yesterday while I volunteered at a consignment event. I am not a CIO (cry it out) parent . My kid is 5 months old, if he’s crying, he needs something, he has no other way to communicate with me right now, it’s my job to take care of whatever is troubling him.

My hair was in great need of washing, I knew no other way to accomplish the chore than to bring my son into the shower with me. It’s fun sometimes, I mean, babies are cute any time, but bath time, I had no idea until I became a mom! So he’s balancing himself by holding onto my legs while I sit Indian-style, mesmerized by the shower water just inches from his little feet, I’m soaping up my hair… everything is great. Then he’s had enough, I pick him up, hold onto the wash cloth bar, pull myself up to standing, we’re under the water. I highly recommend a dual-headed shower here, multiple settings, heights etc. for one-handed hair washing, you can’t beat it! Now we’re both a little slippery as the soap is running down, then the conditioner. Little man slips from balancing on my hip to cradle position. He’s really getting antsy. I grab his towel hanging by the shower, swaddle him best I can while standing, rush from the nice warm, foggy bathroom to the cold bedroom, place him in the middle of the bed, wrap him in his blanket, dash back to the shower to grab my own warm towel, water trailing everywhere!

Quickly I try to dry off, do something with sopping, now clean hair, he starts crying letting my know he has to pee and he’s in a hurry! I dash back to him, still no time to dress myself, hold him over the sink to relieve himself. He’s happy. I place him back on the bed, diaper him, lotion him up because his little body is drying out from the warm water and cold air, singing to him to keep him calm, longing for warm dry clothes of my own.

He’s set for another second, I get my foundational layers on, time to get a t-shirt on him, singing again to keep the cries at bay. I give him a toy so I can add layers to my foundation, plead with him to “Let Mama just comb her hair, you’re OK”. Hair combed, thrown into a clip, grabbing watch and baby, balancing baby on hip, now moisturizing face one-handed while baby moves into “Super Man” position under my arm, smiling at himself in the mirror. Next, chapstick on lips to beat the winter dryness, and I’m as ready and cute as I can possibly be washing and dressing myself one-handed while caring for baby!

I love motherhood, it’s always an adventure, and always a time to smirk at my former self and those idealistic ladies who think it will be so easy to keep up with oneself and their babies! Thank God my hubs thinks I’m pretty anyway 😉

DSC01495True story!

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