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Park Day – E at 5 months!!!














If it doesn’t show, we had a great time at the park this weekend! Our little guy is looking and feeling so big so fast to us and to him! You can just tell he is loving his new skills and feeling full of life!

To date:

  • Wears an odd combination of sizes (at least in this first-time mom’s opinion), Size 6 jacket up to size 9 jacket, size 6-9 onesie, size 9 up to 12 pants.
  • Legs are getting so strong, he can take several steps while holding onto our fingers.
  • Has begun a new, wide range of adorable, conversational sounds!
  • Still giggles the most for his Papa.
  • Loves to “fly” as we support his tummy and back to soar through the air.
  • Enjoying a large block with beads on wire atop, and 4 different activity stations around the sides.
  • Pottying like a champ, as you may have noticed!
  • Waking up once in the very early (too early) morning for a feeding.
  • Still 100% BF (breast fed)!
  • Making friends with himself (in the mirror), fellow babies, young adults and old!
  • Can turn over from left side to tummy and right side to tummy.
  • Sitting up well with couch cushion or my tummy as support!
  • Too big for his bath tub, now showers with mommy, oh the tricks mama will try to get her head shampooed!
  • Constantly “eating” his feet! and anything else he can pull into his mouth!

Mama Updates:

  • ONLY 8lbs. to go until I’m at pre-prego weight!!!
  • Loving wearing my old wardrobe in it’s entirety… this time last year I was already wearing a belly band with my non-maternity jeans!
  • Developing some new designs for the DS Shop! <-Check it out!
  • Getting out of the house more! Thank you MOMS group and other moms from church!
  • Hosting a ladies Bible study regularly in my home, such a blessing (and so surreal… I used to attend these as a kid with my mom, now my kid sits on my lap while I host!

Papa Updates:

  • Making E laugh.
  • Keeping Mama smilin’.
  • Workin’ hard to put food on the table.
  • Making time for family whenever he can!
  • Reading Bible stories to E and Mama!



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