Our Natural Pottying Journey


We began Elimination Communication when our son was 5 weeks old. Originally, we began looking into ECing before conception when I stumbled across a link on naturalbirthandbabycare.com. I knew I wanted to do cloth diapering when we eventually had children, then to discover we could do away with diapers, our at least the amount of diapers we would use, my mind was opened to the possibilities!

2 weeks post-pardom however, I felt I was doing good to just get my son in a cloth diaper, and I said as much to the author of the book I had purchased. Andrea Olson, author of “EC Simplified,” wrote a very reassuring email, and 5 weeks post-pardom, we began taking our son to potty in the bathroom sink! If you look into the book, you’ll understand more what I mean, we began pottying our son on a part time basis. Just to get going, whenever we would change a diaper, we would give him a “pottytunity” to try and go more if he had to, over the sink. The first three times we tried we were successful in having our son eliminate.

Now E is 5 months old and though we still have some wet dipes throughout the day and night, it’s nothing compared to what we had prior to beginning our EC journey. E actually enjoys going, we notice a certain confidence in his attitude, he does not like to feel dirty or wet, he gives us as much chance as possible to get him to the potty.

Now, our most recent excitement came in the form of purchasing his very own potty! He really is too heavy for me to hold over the sink, and having his own container to eliminate will also help us when we travel to give him a consistent place to “go.” We decided on the Baby B’Jorn smart potty and all of are enjoying this new little toilette!

6 thoughts on “Our Natural Pottying Journey”

  1. Hi Miranda! Thanks for visiting my blog based on my youngest child, Amanda, and leaving two comments! Your blog loads slowly and I didn’t even expect an image on this post until I was almost finished reading, it popped up and surprised me. Hehehe! It’s a really sweet photo of you two. Maybe you can re-size your images before uploading them. (By the way, I’ve heard/read that it’s better not to show your baby completely naked, just so your little guy doesn’t get the wrong attention from the wrong kind of people.) All the best with his milestones!

    Tina – American mom raising 4 kids in South Africa


  2. We have the Baby Bjorn potty chair too! I used the removable insert in the first few tries of EC w/ the newborn but Big Bro quickly noticed and needed it back. Mind you, he barely went or paid any attention to it before she used it. He doesn’t want his sister to outdo him I suppose so he’s been going on the potty more now than he’s ever gone. Sibling rivalry at its finest.

    Now, I just use a bucket I purchased from the dollar store for her “pottytunities.” It works great so far. Really, anything would work especially love the idea of just rinse and drain like the sink or toilet.


  3. We love the sink! But, yeah, go between a potty, the big toilet (you can get a really cool attachment thingy that rests on your toilet), and the grass or bushes outside 🙂


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