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My E is 4 months old!

I don’t know about anyone following our updates, but I sure cannot believe we’ve reached 4 months since Elijah came into this world.

Some of his cuteness lately:


First day I got him to sit up while I got my coat on to head out the door!




I COULD NOT believe the face he made here. Daddy-o wanted this picture posted.

DSC01136His chicita patitas are getting soo big!!


AHH! Love my little man…


Grabbing his feet!!!DSC01193Goes from being rambunctious and rolling around to snoozing like a lamb.

DSC01163Sleepy, sweet, snuggles!!!!

Tomorrow E will be 19weeks old, and two days ago he passed his 4 month birthday. Some changes in the last month (not in any specific order):

He has developed a high pitched squeal that he LOVES using for everything from anger to common responses. I never thought anything would bother me about my son, this I have to admit, literally sets my teeth on edge. Oh well, baby stages are fleeting.

He now puts everything in reach in his moth, hands, feet, one big toe specifically (the only thing about him so far, that kind of grosses me out, but i have a thing about feet), toys, my hair…

He understands the meaning of “Stomp” as he stomps his feet on the counter after pottying we say “Stomp” and now he can stomp on command; “Splash” as he splashes in the bath we say “splash” and even when he’s not splashing, if we say splash, he’ll respond accordingly; “peepee”, “poopoo”, and he LOVES the phrases “SOO BIG,” “Champion, Elijah is a champion”

His favorite toys are expanding… he likes the soft monkey rattle we’ve tried to con him into appreciating since birth, and he now accepts his “Ugly Doll”, if only in a dismissive manner

He had his 4 month shots today and took them so well! Hasn’t been too far from his normal range in fussiness, sleepiness, temperature, or any of the other markers. Doc says E is slightly above average in height and weight, 14.8 lbs., 25 1/2 inches. Certain developmental activites are ahead of schedule!

Loving the “Early Infant” activities on

E loves smiling and laughing with his Papa, no one gets him to laugh like Papa!

Making small range of baby sounds!

Two days ago, on his actual 4 month bday, a man at the grocery store stopped to talk to us (this happens alot when E is in the Baby K’Tan), this time was different, by the end of the usual exchange, the man lays his hand on my son and asks for the Lord’s blessing on his life. Maybe most people would be bothered by this, but I chose to be appreciative. Who couldn’t use another person asking for God to smile on your life?

Mama’s Updates:

12lbs. from pre-prego weight, YAY!!! Pretty much all pre-prego clothes are fitting like they should!

Energy, for the most part, most days, is up!

Enjoying the moms’ group I joined back in the summer

Beginning to entertain guests in the home a little more

Striving to find ways to utilize talents beyond caring for baby, hubs, and home

Fighting the occasional doubts about being a full-time SAHM… there will be time for pursuing other interests when baby is a grown man!

Found out post-pardom me LOVES to jog! Yay for new-found endurance 😉

Papa Updates:

Working more OT, tires him out, but good for the fam!

Making more opportunities to pursue family activities

Totally enamored by son and enjoying seeing E’s developments

Doing his best to keep us sane!

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