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Down-Home Cookin’!

Today, I spent more time on our meal than I traditionally care to spend on a Sunday lunch. Typically, Sundays are busy with worship services, and after a long week, it’s nice to have food ready quickly then kick back with my boys for the afternoon. However, this menu evolved on it’s own and in my ecstasy over the sucess of newfound recipes, I had to share the experience!

Most people who know me, know health is my primary focus in home cooked meals, today I surprised even myself by hitting the sodium and sugar limits, if not surpassing, in one meal… I have to say, for one day, totally worth the risk!

Who is sick of over-processed, tasteless, texture-less, unhealthy store bought bread? I AM! I just knew I had to be able to make my own sandwhich rolls – here’s what I did! (modifications listed only).


Sandwhich Rolls <– This lady is awesome!

1. I don’t have a cool digital thermometer, so I tested the milk/butter mixture on my rist. Perfect bath temp is 140 degrees, so when the mixture felt a little cooler than that, I added the egg.

2. Instead of the egg yold for the top of the rolls, I used the whole egg.

3. I don’t have silicone baking sheets so I greased aluminum foil atop my baking sheet.

4. I used whole wheat flour and 4 cups even worked for me!

DSC01128 DSC01130

DSC01133 DSC01142

No pesky, chemincally enhanced ingredients or high fructose corn syrup in our sandwhich rolls! I know exactly what went into this bread product and it’s the simple basic ingredients you’d expect!

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

This recipe was easy to follow and tasted SOO amazing! I did add a tad more salt after the shredding and adding back to the crock pot step. Worth it!! I skipped on BBQ sauch this time. So loved this dish!

I decided shredding the pork in a large bowl was less messy than doing this step on a cuttign board.

DSC01129 DSC01145

DSC01154   DSC01151 DSC01156

This meal would not be complete without my very own home made mac n cheese! When I realized the strength of my hub’s love for this American favorite, I knew I had to do something. I combined techniques learned from my Grandma’s recipe box, and some things I’ve picked up on my own over the years in the kitchen.

DSC01138 DSC01161

Miranda’s Home Made Mac N Cheese

1 box pasta (we like the spiral vieggie noodles (have to get hubby to eat veggies some how)) follow instructions on box to cook

2-3 TBS Butter

Milk to your preference (how saucey do you like your mac?)

Equal amounts of flour to butter

Several TBS cheese (for this batch I used tilamook colby jack)

After draining pasta, keep burner on medium heat, melt butter, slowly add flour and stir. Let flour bubble, slowly add milk. Let milk simmer, but do not boil. Add the cheese a little at a time and let it melt to become the sauce. I like to add paprika for color and flavor, as well as some black pepper. This step is optional, and amounts are to taste. Add the pasta back in, top with more cheese if desired. What I like about my mac is that there is no processed, chemically-charged cheese-like powder, and very little sodium. The cheese has at worst 180g sodium and the pasta maybe 10 g, the butter we used has 90g.

I also steamed some veggies and added olive oil, garlic powder and black pepper for taste. There is no picture of cooking veggies as my husband says “Vegetables? There’s nothing special about vegetables.” Ok, thanks hon!” 😉

The (if I say so myslef, and I have to, since I’m the only witness on this blog!) DELICIOUS finished product!


LOVING the “food” option on our camera!

Happy eating and cooking everyone! If you try these ideas at home, let me know how it goes, what modifications you tried and what your family thought of the experience!


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