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This is our home lately: I do not function well in chaos! We decided this year with our tax refund, to yes do responsible things like pay extra on some bills, save some, give some away, but to also do what we've ALWAYS wanted to do, and that is get a NEW bed!!! We managed… Continue reading Chaos!!

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One year ago on this date…

Today marks the anniversary of me getting up the courage to take a pregnancy test in my bathroom (<see first post ever!). Hub's and I had speculated we had conceived, but I don't think either one of us took our suspicions seriously as we were not officially going to "try" until spring. I'm so thankful the… Continue reading One year ago on this date…

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My E is 4 months old!

I don't know about anyone following our updates, but I sure cannot believe we've reached 4 months since Elijah came into this world. Some of his cuteness lately: First day I got him to sit up while I got my coat on to head out the door! I COULD NOT believe the face he made… Continue reading My E is 4 months old!

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MNO! (Mom’s Night Out)

I joined a mom's club shortly before my E was born. I had a deep sense of necessity for community in child-rearing. While most of the time our meetings and events center around our children, one night a month it's all about the moms! I admit, dressing up to go out with the girls was… Continue reading MNO! (Mom’s Night Out)

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Down-Home Cookin’!

Today, I spent more time on our meal than I traditionally care to spend on a Sunday lunch. Typically, Sundays are busy with worship services, and after a long week, it's nice to have food ready quickly then kick back with my boys for the afternoon. However, this menu evolved on it's own and in… Continue reading Down-Home Cookin’!