Baby week by week, Elijah at 16 weeks

E at 16 weeks!

My boy has grown so much! Stats: 15lbs. 23 1/2 inches! He has more than doubled his birth weight.


Still using the bathroom sink as his potty

Part-time cloth diapering

Playing in his baby gym

Rolling back and forth while on his back

Pulling self up to sitting and standing while holding parents’ fingers

“Talking” all the time in cute baby sounds!

Smiling and sometimes laughing

Sucking his thumb Chewing on anything new within reach

Shaking rattles

Looking at books

Turning pages on his own

Has gone from barely tolerating tummy time, to loving it a little more each day

Sleeping through the night since he was 2 months old

Still 100% breast fed!

Favorite toys:

Blue Octopus all the way!

Fireman doll from Ty Beanie Babie (mine when I was younger)

Developing a love for a stuffed owl from his great-grammy!

Picture update:


TUMMY TIME!!! (look doc, I have proof!)


The Expression here kills me! TOO precious 🙂



New Owl friend

DSC01103Lady killer, or what?


His crazy sweet wide eyes!


His gentleman hands


Putting himself to sleep with his octopus

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